Updated: May 27, 2020

I am not going to apologise for the following post

Multi-level marketing. You’ve heard about it, but maybe under different names: network marketing, pyramid selling, referral marketing Same, same but different.

This “marketing strategy,” sometimes called a scheme (that word says it all!) derives its money from a non-salaried workforce that sells the company's products. MLM salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of word of mouth. They are incentivized to recruit others to join the company's distribution chain.

But who makes the big bucks? They will say that it is you! But in reality it is those at the top of the chain, of course. That's how it's designed.

Doesn’t all this sound vaguely familiar? Sounds like a cult to me!

The business of essential oils is very challenging, mostly because the moment I begin talking about them, everyone is seemingly an expert. And being natural (aka, from nature) everyone automatically assumes that they are safe.

But the truth is that there is a vast amount of unsafe information about essential oils online, especially from multi-level marketing groups! You know who you are!...


Beware: there are lots of multi-level marketing groups online that sell their “miracle oils” as kits or packages, usually for hundreds of dollars/euros. They encourage you to share their secret so your friends can have their “miracles” too. But they are not telling you the whole truth about their products. Yes, essential oils are amazing and can have extraordinary properties.

Case in point, France is leading the way in how to correctly use and take essential oils for a variety of ailments (oils are even covered on certain French medical plans). But remember, this involves the guidance of doctors!

There are many MLM presentations (easy to find on YouTube, for example) in which sellers tout their product by spouting off what they have been told. Refer back to my blog about the importance of a good foundation and education in essential oils .

For example, one of their miracle cures is to put peppermint essential oil in your water flask to drink throughout the whole day. As they promote, peppermint is great for nausea, indigestion and stomach health. But do they tell you what else it can do?

Let me help. We know, thanks to shaking the bottle of Italian dressing at dinner, that oil and water do not mix. If we follow the suggestion she mentioned above, the drops of peppermint oil will remain floating, not dispersed throughout the water. The result? The oil will be swallowed undiluted, burning your oesophagus. If you take more than the recommended dose (and who doesn’t sometimes?), peppermint oil can be toxic. It can even interrupt the breathing pattern of infants. But do these "expert teachers" mention these possibilities?

Just the mere fact that we can grow it in our garden does not mean that it is always healthy or good to use, unless we having the proper knowledge and expertise to guide us.

Yes, we can eat peppermint leaves, or we can make our own peppermint tea, but it takes hundreds of leaves to make single drop of oil.

Let’s talk about grapefruit essential oils which are “miracles” for suppressing your appetite, encouraging weight loss, and can help balance your mood.

What MLM’s don’t inform you is that cancer patients should avoid grapefruit (including the oils) at all costs, as it could interact with their meds! What do MLM’s say about that? Still waiting…. Nothing!

Heaven forbid you listen to this nutter I found on YouTube 'teaching a room full of eager beavers ready to 'make a million' and you have a chemical reaction between an oil and a medicine that you are taking! Even if you're not taking medication some essential oils can interfere with your blood pressure, like ylang ylang which reduces it dramatically and should be avoided by those with low BP.

Wintergreen oil can cause internal bleeding if used in conjunction with something as simple as aspirin!

But does she mention any of this? No! She is only interested in getting you to buy a box of essential oils for 500€! And then encouraging your friends to join (for her profit!).

I’m not at all against essential oils. After all, they are my career! What I want to stress is that we all need to have a solid education with regards to benefits AND contraindications. We need to learn from experts in the field not a novice teaching a layman.

It's like the blind leading the blind and they are a fucking liability

What is even worse is these 'huns' are now offering aromatherapy courses which will set you back over a $1000! All for some half cocked information that is regurgitated from some other half wit.

Do you really want to learn about the benefits of potentially lethal essential oils from someone who is reading from a book and doesn't understand the actual science behind it all??


Robert Tisserand, for example, has many publications and his own website about the topic. Valerie Ann Worwood also has excellent reference books about aromatherapy and essential oils. My contact details will allow you to ask me questions as well.

Lesson du jour: If it is too good to be true, it is! And always remember to read the fine print!


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