DON'T BE A COPYCAT you'll only make an arse of yourself

I have seen some things in my time and I have seen many videos online of people who 'teach' you how to create your own perfumes without ever having to study oils, notes, scents or chemistry. You won’t even need to create for that matter!

With a trained eye, you can see that they are not so much teaching as they are regurgitating information that they have found online. They will even lead you down a path that you should avoid at all costs.

Let me take you on a quick journey through one gem that I found online.

One particular video to tells you how start your own perfume business without knowing anything about perfume, this “teacher” actually refers to Roja Dove as an idiot. Yes, Roja Dove. Roja Dove is one of the world's most respected Perfumers.

The creator of Roja Parfums – the most successful launch in Harrods’ history – is globally renowned for working with only the finest ingredients in the world. To The New York Times he is ‘a master tailor of scent’. The Financial Times consider him ‘a legendary figure in the world of scent’, and

GQ have declared that Roja is ‘the greatest nose in the world’. (

The advice, according to this “teacher" is to create your own perfume business as follows: buy a ready-made compound, dilute it with alcohol, put it in a pretty bottle with a nice label, put your name on it and sell it.


The reality is that perfume and fragrance formulas are not subject to copyright, which is why houses keep their secret formulas under lock and key.

But it is easy to find out the contents. Perfume houses use “gas chromatography” to detect quantities of the ingredients in a perfume. The same process is how counterfeit perfumes are made. Whereas the “expensive” perfumes use real/natural/quality oils, some of which are very expensive, the counterfeiters will use cheaper grades and replace any expensive oils with cheap synthetics.

Have you ever smelt a fake Chanel No.5? (known as CHANNEL to the counterfeiters!) I have and it is nasty.

Did you know that Chanel have their own rose and jasmine farms in France? That way they can control the quality and consistency of the oil, and there is NO WAY that copycats can get their hands on that as they DON’T SELL IT TO ANYONE.

By using alternative ingredients, there is a very strong chance that the formula is even unsafe for use on your skin

Use these counterfeit copies on your skin at your own risk!

Building a brand is all about honesty, trust, and a good relationship with your customers.

How can you develop this if you are copying and using cheaper ingredients? By copying, your brand does not have any longevity (or integrity!).

You cannot call yourself a true artist by ripping off someone else's work

If you want to truly learn to create your own fragrance line, there is no magic wand. You should study either with an experienced teacher who has proven credentials or go to a reputable perfume school or as some do, years and years of self study. These will guide you in the right direction but the last one is the hardest and longest.

Lesson du jour: Pave your own path by creating your own UNIQUE scent. You will be proud of yourself for doing so and your customers will have trust in your brand

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