Updated: May 27, 2020

Why don’t I smell the perfume that I’m wearing?

It’s due to something we call “olfactory fatigue”. Your brain is brilliant in deciding how to focus its energy. The sense of smell is important for noting danger from a gas leak, a fire, or even rotting food. However, once our brain has recognized that danger is no longer present, it conserves its energy and “shuts off” from that safe odour until a new one comes along.

Imagine arriving at your friend’s house after they have prepared curry. You notice the aroma for a few minutes, and afterwards you have “forgotten” that the fragrance is still in the room.

The scent has not disappeared, as we know. Our brain is just waiting for a new fragrance signal to come along.

Warning! Because of olfactory fatigue, you are sometimes tempted to spray on a fresh mist of perfume before leaving the house, because you think it's already faded.

BUT you might make people keel over in the elevator as your perfume will be twice as powerful as you imagine!

Lesson du jour: Trust your perfume and your brain. No need to overdo it.


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