I can already see the glowing skin on your face. Healthy, vibrant, alive! My tips have helped, haven’t they?

Now it is time to really pamper yourself with a massage. There is one small caveat though, you give the face massage to yourself (although if you send this link to your partner, hopefully they will pick up on the not-so-subtle hint!).

Why should you massage your face? By stimulating your skin tissue, you are gently shedding the dead skin from the epidermis, revealing fresh younger cells and a radiant glow


Manipulating the skin will improve the blood circulation in your face, which is essential for continued cell regeneration.

In addition, this circulation will also assist lymphatic drainage which will help remove toxins, kind of like giving your lymphatic system a tune-up!

This also helps to reinvigorate your immune system.

A facial massage will also stimulate the sebaceous glands which encourages a healthy acid mantle to protect your body from pathogens.

I love the relaxed feeling that I get from a massage. Not only does a massage give you wonderful health benefits, but it helps to relieve tension. Just think of how much stress we hold in our faces! Well, believe it or not, your pores and hair follicles also relax from facial massages, opening them up to absorb whichever product you are applying, so choose wisely.

So that’s the why. Here is the how:

Always massage from low to high on your face. I like to call a facial massage a “natural facelift” since no artificial products are necessary.

Begin with your lower neck and rub your skin upward toward your chin. If you’re looking to increase your skin’s firmness and tone, you might want to use deep, muscle-stimulating motions. However, if your skin is sensitive, acne prone, or oily, try a light touch with less pressure.

Massage from the lower jaw (chin line) toward your earlobe. Then from the outer corner of your lip toward the ear.

Next, rub from your nostrils toward the outer corner of each eye. Beware: because the skin around the eye is so much thinner than most of the other skin on your face (see blog here), it cannot handle as much pressure as the rest of your face. One suggestion is to use soft pressing and rolling movements with your ring finger from the tear ducts to the outer corners of the eye.

We often forget our nose. Massage from the nostrils upwards along the edge of your nose toward your eye sockets.

Finally, if you haven’t fallen asleep from relaxation yet!, rub from your eyebrows toward your hairline.


Dead skin cells are shed revealing fresh younger cells

Improved blood circulation essential for cell regeneration

Skin colour improves

Skin tone improves

Relaxes the pores and follicles which in turn increases the absorption of the product

Aids lymphatic drainage and removes toxins

Stimulates the glands and maintains a healthy acid mantle

Although your hands are enough, there are also plenty of tools that can help you with your massage. Just be sure to clear them off of your bathroom counter before your friends come over (some of them may look like sex toys!).

I like this one from The Body Shop and the metal rollers are cooling to the skin

My friend Dora 'Face Yoga Girl' and founder of 'The Fit Face' swears by jade rollers and Gua Sha face sculptors - you can check out her YouTube video of how to use it below or here

Lesson du jour: Don't underestimate the benefits of a good rub!

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