Rose Water Grades

Updated: May 27, 2020

What is Rose Water and what are the benefits?

Rose water is a by-product of the distillation process which is used to extract rose essential oil (see this blog on extraction processes).

Rose water has the same cell rejuvenating properties as the very expensive distilled rose oil, but in a much milder form.

This means that you can spray it directly onto your skin without any side effects or need to dilute.

There are two types of rose water: food grade and organic. BUT before we discuss them here watch my video about the importance of using a rose toner


Use food grade rose water that ingredients state only rose hydrosol, rose floral water or rose water and no other ingredients.

Rabee is one of my personal favourite brands of food rgade rose water, it isn't sticky like some others and the aroma is delightful, it's distilled from Persian roses.

Food grade rose water can be applied liberally to your body because it's pretty inexpensive

If you are susceptible to overheating when at the beach or the pool, consider buying this rose water to mist on your face and body, and then fan yourself to cool down.


The organic grade rose water is considerably more expensive but is much more effective for skincare with its anti-aging cell rejuvenation properties, which are mostly lost in the refining process of the food grade water.

This is my fave rose water because it's from Bulgarian rose, the worlds best.

If you are a tier 3 patron, you can watch my video on how to make your own natural face toner using rose water

Lesson du jour: Rose water, for more than just making baklava. But I wouldn’t turn that down either!

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