Setting up your Scent Workspace

Are you itching to get going? Me too. Let’s set up our scent workspace so that we are efficient and inventive.

To do this, you should always work in a well-ventilated area – do not confuse your nose with your previous creations. Be sure that it is a smell-free zone.

That sounds counter-intuitive, but you want a neutral space free of any other scents (this includes your own splash of perfume and even your deodorant!). Your nose will thank you for allowing it to do one job only! Of course, a stable flat surface is paramount to avoid spillage, accidents and other undesirable situations.

Let’s talk about your organ: your perfumer’s organ, that is!

An organ – a space where you can be creative and touch upon all of the necessary ingredients for your original scents. Be sure to look up photos to peak your curiosity and to inspire your imagination so as to create an organ that is as personalized as you are a perfumer.

it doesn't need to look like this but it MUST BE organised

The way you organize your organ will help you facilitate your work. Some people arrange their oils by scent family, others by name from A-Z, and others by their frequency of use. Remember to keep your organ in a space that will not be subject to major temperature changes or sunlight.

Quick aside: Did you know that there is a lot in common between a perfumer and an organist?

Think for a moment about the terminology that is used in both fields: a musician uses notes to express feelings and emotions, a perfumer uses “notes” of flowers to create different moods in scent. We refer to combinations of two or three raw materials as “accords,” which is a direct link to the chords that musicians use create a tone in their music. Hence why we call it a perfumer’s organ. Both are instruments to emotional creations.

Equipment should be right at hand: pipettes (in separate receptacles for new and used pipettes), scales, writing utensils, your own recording system, and a waste bin. Paper will be crucial for writing your formulas. Just as you organize your oils, you will want to organize your ideas and creations so they are not easily misplaced. You will thank yourself for this later!

Make it YOUR space.


A few rules of thumb to always keep in mind:

  • Never apply neat (undiluted) oils directly to your skin. If you do get oils on your skin, wash immediately. If you get oils in your eyes, contact a doctor.

  • Use powderless gloves to handle your work when neat oils.

  • Don't wear your Dio dress to work in or you will be saying good-bye to your clothes with inevitable splashes.

  • Use paper strips to smell rather than smelling directly out of the bottle.

  • Take your time! Rushing = accidents.

  • Your nose appreciates regular breaks so take them regularly

Lesson du jour: Location! Location! Location! Create a workspace that encompasses calm, safety and organization. And never forget the importance of your organ!

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